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Hello, I'm Liz Dee, and I founded The Edward Dee Fund after losing my son, Edward very suddenly to meningitis.

I raise awareness of the disease, and educate communities by providing information on the importance of vaccination and focusing on awareness of meningitis and sepsis, and knowing the signs and symptoms to look for.  I speak to and provide information to nurseries, schools, businesses and various community groups.

I plan to engage communities with workshops and events, all inspired by a "Spirit of Edward" which is at the very core of all I do.  Edward was and is a massive part of the community and he has inspired so many others in so many ways.

By working with this charity, this puts you at the very heart of the community; educating, engaging and inspiring.

I have managed to obtain personal sponsorship from local business which enables me carry on my charitable work. My sponsors are detailed here.

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