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Fundraising is a great way to raise money for The Edward Dee Fund, and a wonderful opportunity to get inventive, be creative, and have fun! You can fundraise through groups, through your work, school or group, or fundraise in your own way.

Thanks to the fundraising people like you do #forEdward, we are able to produce even more awareness raising materials, put on various workshops and support even more community projects .... educating, engaging with and inspiring even further .



Do you like a challenge? 


Marathons, half marathons, 10Ks, 5Ks, tough mudders, half mudders, mini mudders ... the list is endless


Why not enter a competitive event, but do this for the charity and raise some funds 

Corporate fundraising

Corporate fundraising is a great way to try new things and get creative, all whilst raising funds to support the charity in the work we do. Promote your event round the office and see who else wants to get involved too!

For employees

Get your whole office involved with fundraising #forEdward! You could help us by putting out a donation box on your desk, organising a bake sale or themed cloths day, or getting involved with one our events. 

For companies

As a company, you could help fundraise for The Edward Dee Fund by supporting your staff in their fundraising activities and helping to promote their amazing work.

Nominate us as your Charity of the Year!

Sponsored and challenge events

Whether you enjoy running, walking, cycling – or just fancy trying something new! – taking part in a sponsored challenge and sports event is a great way to support and push yourself past your limits.

Fundraise with your school or youth group

Get inventive #forEdward! From bake sales to own clothes days, there’s loads of fun ways to get your school or youth group can fundraise for us.

Fundraising at work

Fundraising is a great way to try new things, get creative and raise funds for us. Why not promote your event round the office and see who else wants to get involved too?

Do your own thing

Have a fundraising idea of your own, or want to get a group involved? We love to hear your ideas! Email us on or message us via our fb or twitter page to let us know about your plans.

Be a supporter


Get a tshirt ... or a hoodie - tell EVERYONE you're a supporter

garden 19_edited.jpg

If you would like a tshirt, please contact The Edward Dee Fund.

Green Garden Tshirts will also be available from LeafY Lytham Garden Hub very soon


- Baseball Caps

- Aprons

- T Shirts (Blue, and Green)

- Hoodies (Zip and Over the Head)

- Bags

- Candles

- Pencils

- Badges

Wearing the merchandise shows people you're a supporter, whilst helping to raise awareness for the charity.

If your school/business is able to take a box or some merchandise, please get in touch.

Firecracker Candle.jpg


Inspired by Edward's love of the outdoors, fire, backwoods and campfires, this candle was produced by Sarah Crowther, Holistic and Beautiful.  This candle is available all year round, and all profits from the sale of this candle to The Edward Dee Fund

Edward Firecracker Candle and
Christmas candle 3.jpg
Christmas candle 2.jpg
Christmas candle 1.jpg

Inspired by Edward's love of trees and the outdoors, this candle was produced by Sarah Crowther, Holistic and Beautiful Candles.  These limited edition candles will fill your home will the scent of real Christmas Trees, and will be available again later this year - with all profits to The Edward Dee Fund

Sign up to easyfundraising and choose The Edward Dee Fund to support 

If you haven't already signed up to this, please do so and consider supporting The Edward Dee Fund.  It doesn't cost you a penny, but the charity earns money every time you shop.

A Song For Edward 

Sing it - dance to it - run to it - cover it

A Song for Edward cover photo fb.jpg
Music Poster.jpg

Bandcamp link doesn't count towards chart entry but you can pay-what-you-want for the download :) 

So spend away! On Amazon, make sure to leave a review on the site too to bump it up the rankings!! 

All profits to The Edward Dee Fund.


Google Play:…/album/Jay_Stansfield_A_Song_for_E… (PLEASE LEAVE A REVIEW)




Edward's Army_edited.jpg

Could you take on a sponsored challenge this year to support The Edward Dee Fund and push yourself to go beyond expectations?

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