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Justin Dee 

Liz's husband; father of Edward; and absolute rock.  One of the Charity Trustees, who is working tirelessly alongside Liz (but a lot more behind the scenes) and meticulous with with the charity organisation, documentation and finance.  

Also involved with policies, grant applications and bids; as well as supporting, and partaking in many fundraising pursuits such as triathlons and Swimarathons.

William Dee

Edward's brother can be found helping out at many events; running stalls, shaking buckets and even busking.  

He helps with lots of the behind the scenes work eg technical IT stuff which Liz struggles with such as leaflets, posters, website management etc etc

Often a partaker in fundraising events, such as triathlons and Swimarathon


Oliver Dee

Edward's brother is also at pretty much every event we organise.  Running stalls and taking part in events and shaking buckets.  

He helps with lots of the behind the scenes work which is necessary and laborious eg counting money, making labels etc etc 

Often found spending lots of money at our own organised events ... and always a cheeky smile on his face.

oli 3.jpg

Helen Turner

Charity Trustee and great with all "money matters".  Also a great support to Liz, sounding board and listening ear. 

Helen & Martin pic.jpg

 Laura Gill


Charity Trustee, and my right arm, my shoulder and she has my back too..  There ALWAYS at events, and ALWAYS for me, through my best and worst times, and on my darkest of days, which I'm not sure I could have got through without her.  The bestest of friends who I love very much.


Fiona Harrison 

Charity Trustee, and friend from way back when we met at the same mum groups which I attended with Edward. 

Committed to working hard for the charity, totally uderstanding its aims and values.


Dickon Barnaby:

My DJ, merchandise organiser and to be honest right hand man, who is at EVERYTHING, doing ANYTHING, full of ideas, enthusiasm and ensures that the "spirit of Edward" comes through in all we do.  Couldn't do all we do without you Dickon x


Kirstin - loves paperwork! ... and so we love that she's busy behind the scenes looking out policies, and sniffing out grants.    She's also of enormous help to us shaking buckets, decorating (and undecorating) trees and generally championing the charity.  We love you Kirstin.


So lucky to have Tim Igoe on board.  Tim has built the #stonesforedward website, where the stones hidden and found #forEdward and indeed #raisingawareness, can be plotted on a map.  Go have a look at 


Debbie Redman 

Debbie has not only painted some fabulous stones for Edward, which people have donated money for; but she is also my go to person when I need lovely posters for events.


Linda has the shop Bonney Fabrics in St Annes; she is the brains and the organisation behind the Trees #forEdward.  She coordinates all the ladies who made knitted, crocheted or sewn trees, which were on display, and distributed in the community to #raiseawareness 

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