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Meet the local businesses who are sponsoring Liz to continue with her charity work.

Delighted to introduce my first sponsor, Stephen Beverley of Windmill Financial Services Ltd. Thank you so much for having faith in me and offering sponsorship Stephen - I'm very excited about working together in this partnership. 
"I had the absolute pleasure of meeting with Liz last week without really knowing much about her or her story, other than she was a good mutual friend with one of our cycling team. I had obviously seen the amazing work that she has done to date, raising money for the meningitis now cause, but I was very keen to discuss her new venture: the Edward Dee Fund (fb: #forEdward). Within 2 minutes of meeting Liz, I knew that this was something I had to be involved in, both on a personal and business level. It goes without saying that this is something Liz is completely dedicated to, but frankly I have never seen such drive and determination from a person to make something become a success. I would urge any other local business owners out there to get behind this truly amazing woman and cause, and look forward to a long and successful relationship." - Stephen Beverley

Click here for Windmill FS.

Elizabeth Dee approached Cox Motor Group recently for help to pursue her charity work for both The Edward Dee Fund and Meningitis Now.

Unfortunately Elizabeth and her husband Justin lost their son Edward to meningitis at 10 years old. It took hold very quickly, and from the symptoms showing to Edward losing his fight, was a matter of only a few hours.

Elizabeth and her family are now dedicated to raising awareness of the disease, and so far they have raised over an astonishing £94,000 for Meningitis Now, and an additional £5,000 for The Edward Dee Fund. She actively visits schools and organisations in the Blackpool and Fylde coast to distribute symptom cards, flyers and posters as well as organising fund-raising events.

Elizabeth now wants to focus on fundraising full time, which we are more than happy to help with. We are organising a charity football tournament and fun day (details to be announced), along with a staff non-uniform day, as well as an additional cash donation.

Elizabeth is pictured here with the Managing Director of Cox Motor Group, David Cox.

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"Roger and his family have owned the Carlton for over 25 years, and when myself and my wife Dina became partners with Roger a few weeks ago we all discussed wanting to support a local charity that worked and supported projects within the local community around Lytham and St Annes.

A few days after our chat over a coffee Roger mentioned he attended the Edward Dee Fund Charity Ball where he met Liz and learned more about the charity, Roger then spoke with Dina and I and we were equally sure we had found the charity we wanted to support.

When we met Liz we learned more about Edward’s story and the work Liz has been doing over the last few years, both in raising awareness of the illness that so cruelly took her sons life in the early hours of one morning, whilst also helping raise money for research in the hope that “Meningitis Now” can find a way to help more people who unfortunately contract this illness, I can honestly say I found her truly inspirational.

Liz encourages the community to help in many ways, some of her many supporters find time to make thousands of small knitted or sewn Christmas Trees (Edward loves trees) each with a tag that carries a message about the foundation, these are then placed around the local community or used to decorate Christmas Trees in the Winter Gardens or placed around the community for someone to pick up and by following the information on the tag, people are able to become more aware of the illness and learn a little more about the foundation.

Then there are the stones…… bright and colourful these stones have a design on one side but a message on the other to encourage people’s awareness of the story, and these stones have made it to many areas around the world…….

I hope in the few words written above I have explained a little about why we want to be involved, and we are very proud that we can support Liz, so she can continue to encourage more people to read Edward’s story and in turn become more aware of the symptoms of meningitis and septicaemia, raise money for research into the illness, and continue to support many more projects in our local community”. Steve Smith

I am delighted to introduce you to my fifth local business sponsor, Shannon Kuspira, BITE CLUB. I asked Shannon to say a few words, and this is the beautiful reply she sent to me, which I'd like to share with you all: 


"You have asked me to write a few words about why I have chosen or wanted to sponsor you and I have struggled with that because when it comes down to the bare bones of it all, it is simply because I want in my way to say I care, I feel deeply sad for your loss and cannot bear the cavernous lows you have had to sink to in such a sudden loss of a child. It is especially emotive for me as a mother. On a human level I admire everything you are doing, I admire your drive, your strength and positivity in the grips of grief. 

The sense of community you have created has been amazing and it gives me hope that there is still compassion, empathy and solidarity in our fast paced, often selfish world we are living in. For me, food is my currency of love. From the beginning of time food and gathering and celebration has been the epicenter of communities. Women getting together and chatting and preparing food represents a force of joy, sharing and providing. I have loved how many people; young and old volunteered their time to support our event."

And finally, I need to say a massive thank you to the public who have also donated money to sponsor me.  I am truly grateful to all those who have generously given and put their faith in me :

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