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Funding local community projects.


Raising awareness of meningitis.


Supporting meningitis and related charities.


After Edward died in December 2016, Liz has worked tirelessly to raise awareness of meningitis and sepsis, and raised funds for Meningitis Now.   To date more than £100,000 has been raised in Edward's memory.

After speaking with many friends of Edward as well as members of the public, and local businesses, it became obvious that the community, which Edward was so involved with, wanted to keep him at the heart of the community.   On 15th April 2018, the day when Edward would have been 12 years old, we launched The Edward Dee Fund.  As well as wanting to raise awareness of the disease, and support meningitis charities, we wanted to put something back into the community.  The Edward Dee Fund aims to educate, engage and inspire communities, whilst keeping the "Spirit of Edward" at its very core.  

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