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by Dr Aziz - local GP

As a local GP and mum, I still remember the day we received an official notification that a child,in our locality, had passed due to meningitis. At the time I did not know who Edward was, but my heart ached for his family. The whole community was in shock and couldn’t believe that an active young boy like Edward could succumb so quickly. As medical professionals we were all on high alert, constantly looking for symptoms in every child we treated and advising parents on what to look out for. There was an important message to take back from all of this; meningitis could affect anyone at anytime, we must always be vigilant. This is where Liz comes in... since the inception of the charity I have seen her work tirelessly to spread this message. She has been so brave in opening up and sharing her story and that of her beautiful boy Edward. She is warm, engaging and fearless. We have crossed paths at school fairs, coffee mornings and carnivals...where Liz and her family have been busy spreading this important message. Maya Angelou once said ‘ Nothing can dim the light that shines from within’. Edward’s light continues to shine through Liz, her family and the many people that support the Edward Dee Fund.

"Many of our pupils had heard of the Edward Dee Fund as it is a local charity with a large social media presence. So it was a genuine pleasure to welcome Liz, and Steven from Meningitis Now, into AKS to talk to our Sixth Formers as part of their Enrichment programme. They had all heard of meningitis, but had very little idea that it could affect their age group - they thought it was a childhood disease only. Neither did they know the symptoms to look out for. Liz and Steven gave a very informative talk about the relevance to the students of being confident about recognising this potentially devastating illness. Liz also talked about being assertive enough to access health care if they were worried - seeing as they would probably be at College or University and away from home, they would have to take responsibility for their own health. Liz and Steven were able to share personal stories of how meningitis had affected their families - this was powerful stuff indeed - without being maudlin it brought the issue right down to an understandable and relevant level. As a teacher I was really pleased that when I asked the students later, they could recall the symptoms to look out for - showing that they had both listened with keen interest and absorbed the important messages given. The more information that gets into the public domain the better it will be for all of us. It was a privilege to host this session, and I know Liz will be a returning speaker to AKS."

by Heather House, Head of Lower School and Head of PSHE at AKS Lytham 

"In the most difficult of circumstances and faced with the hardest test any mother could have, Liz has found an inner strength to start her own journey all #forEdward. She will say that it is Edward that drives her and this is certainly true. But it also takes a very special, inspirational person who has taken this to another level. I love that there is a network in place that supports Liz in all that she is actively doing from friends and family, to local businesses who are supporting her and everyone in between who is helping her towards her goal of raising awareness and keeping this spirit of community that has grown with every day that has passed since Edward died. 
I will never forget the morning when Liz rang me – and just as Liz and Justins’ life was turned upside down that day, for me life changed. There has not been one day that has passed where I have not thought of Liz and Edward from the routine of picking up my own son’s week old socks from his bedroom floor to finding exciting places with my own children to leave a ‘#StoneforEdward’. I love being part of Edwards’s army and will always support Liz, Justin, William and Oliver in any way I can. The ‘Edward Effect’ has brought a community together and it is incredible to see how much has been raised so far. From people of all ages pushing themselves to run or walk or swim (or all 3!) to young children making slime and selling it and all the events in-between which have been so special. And so much more to look forward to. I would urge anyone who has not read Liz’s story to read all about Edward and the journey that Liz is on and to support her in any way you can. Everyone can do something from a simple like or share on social media, to #buylizamilkycoffee or to be inspired to take on a challenge or support Liz in any way you feel you can. Who knows where this will take Liz? Already in the last 12 mths she has featured in the media, live radio interviews, business networking, creating The Edward Dee Fund, Radio Wave Community Hero Award recipient, creating merchandising, building a website, being a guest Speaker in schools and for groups and so much more. Now another first – a ‘Song for Edward’ coming up in September, a festival of lights #forEdward – always something to look forward to. Liz is dedicated, committed, professional and so appreciative of all the support that people can offer. She is a mum who is bulidng a legacy for Edward, whilst being a fantastic mum to William and Oliver. The sky is the limit for Liz and what she can achieve with our support. This is exactly what Edward was all about. #forEdward., The Edward Dee Fund."

by Laura Gill,

Active volunteer and Trustee of

The Edward Dee Fund

The Edward Dee fund is a fantastic local charity here on the Fylde Coast, Set up and run by Liz Dee. Liz plays a crucial role in helping raise valuable awareness of meningitis, Liz is an incredible woman, she speaks openly and informatively about the challenges meningitis can cause to anyone at any time, crucially myth busting and speaking frankly about how suddenly this awful infection can take hold of a person. I can’t thank Liz enough for the fantastic work she has done this summer, helping and supporting  groups of 15-17 year olds on Fylde Coast YMCA’s NCS programme. Liz volunteered plenty of her time to make sure that our young people got the most out of their summer, and put on a really good social action project to raise funds and awareness for this fantastic cause. Liz also ensured that her time spent with the team was educational for them, helping them learn about Meningitis and the signs, for myself it was certainly informative and inspirational. A huge thanks to Liz for the vital work she does and to how generous she has been with her time.

A huge thanks and keep up the good work!

by Samuel Bates,

NCS Programme Assistant

YMCA National Citizen Service

"As part of our learning at work week at Land Registry I asked Elizabeth Dee to come into our local Land Registry office and speak about her experience of meningitis with members of staff. I personally didn’t know Liz but, through social media, had familiarised myself with her story, what had happened with Edward and all the work Liz had done to raise awareness of the disease since the death of her son. Liz was more than happy to attend the office at a time that was convenient for us and talk to staff.


The event itself was particularly well attended. Like me, I think a lot of people went to the session thinking that they were pretty clued up on meningitis, all I can say to that was, how wrong were we! During the session Liz spent time talking about meningitis and sepsis and the signs to look for. Liz placed particular emphasis on spotting the initial signs of meningitis as recognising these signs are possibly the most vital in getting treatment early. Liz presented all her facts and information in a relaxed, yet informative manor. Her talk came from the heart, and throughout it was clearly evident that she genuinely wants more and more people to be educated on meningitis and know how to spot the signs and symptoms and help us help others in stopping this disease taking another precious life.


Having been though such a tragedy herself and having Edward taken from her at such a young age I have so much respect and admiration for Liz. Everyone who attended her talk at Land Registry was amazed at her strength and determination to spread the word. Everyone there got something out of the talk and recognised how important it is to know the facts about meningitis. It is our intention to invite Liz back to our office again to speak to more staff. This is something I would highly recommend to any business, school or community group. By supporting Liz and the Edward Dee fund charity it will help continue to spread the word and educate people on meningitis and hopefully save lives."

by Alison Knagg - HM Land Registry, Lytham St Annes

"From first hearing about the loss of Edward, just days after him being given an award for the strongest and fittest boy, to loosing his life to meningitis within hours, I just knew I had to do something. I didn’t personally know Edward, but I knew a family member. I couldn’t even begin to think about what they were going through or what they would and will go through. So I took part in the first memory walk just days after his death, of course in Edwards memory but also in the hope it might prevent this happening to someone else and their family. Over the last year, from the most unimaginable circumstances, there has been a spirit of positivity and togetherness all #forEdward. I have been completely inspired by Liz, Edward’s mum, in everything she has done and organised for her son. Her strength and determination to help others is incredible and to be part of some of these events has been an honor. ‘Together we are stronger’, a quote I always stand by; it is often the smallest things that can mean the most to people and have the biggest impact. Being part of Edward’s Army, supporting Liz and her family, doing events for Edward and raising awareness and funds to try and help others, potentially in a similar situation, is why I will always be part of The Edward Dee Fund #forEdward. If you have not read his story READ IT, share it and support wherever and whenever you can. #alwaysforEdward #teamEdward #forEdward #togetherwearestronger"

by Emma James,

Primary School Teacher, and active volunteer with The Edward Dee Fund

“I will never forget the moment Liz told me that Edward had died. The world stopped turning momentarily and the grief was devastating. A week previously, Edward had been crowned ‘Mr Stamina’ by our visitors, UK Military School. This was a testament to the strength of character and personality of Edward. To have such an amazing life taken so quickly sent ripples throughout the school and the local community. At Clifton, we wholeheartedly support the work of Liz, Justin and The Edward Dee Fund (set up in Edward’s memory) because we feel that if we can help them raise awareness and valuable funds for research and vaccination, we may have helped in some way to save another family suffering the same pain as The Dee’s. The work that Edward’s army does raises the awareness regarding the symptoms of Meningitis and the effects of sepsis on the body. This knowledge could help save a life. In school, we will continue to help in any way we can and feel that our pupils have already benefitted by having a positive cause to focus our fundraising efforts.”

by Rachel Legge - Headteacher,

Clifton Primary School

"I’d like to recommend Elizabeth Dee for her tireless work for The Edward Dee Fund. In the face of total heartbreak Liz continues to work so hard to raise awareness of meningitis and more recently to raise funds in Edward’s memory. She is meticulous in everything she does and every single penny of money raised is #forEdward. Her personal sponsors receive so much exposure and she is determined to make their investment in her worth it ten fold. She inspires me every single day 💙"

by Helen Turner, Isagenix UK Founder, and Trustee of The Edward Dee Fund

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