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Edward loved trees and woods and the outdoors, the concept of the trees fits perfectly with him.  This project not only engaged with many people in raise awareness, but engaged with so many members of our community in making the trees.


By distributing these trees in and around communities, we #raiseawareness of the charity and thus of meningitis and sepsis, whilst being lovely #randomactsofkindness, giving the "spirit of Edward" in the "Christmas spirit".   If you're lucky enough to find a tree, please keep it, we give it to you with love in the hope that you will be aware, you will remember us, and you will smile.

This project, which began in 2020 will be this project's third year.  Thousands of trees have made by, and reached so many people, telling Edward's story, and raising awareness.  This year promises to be even bigger with many local businesses and groups joining in and supporting: Bizzie Fingers; Seriously Hooked Up; The Wool Loft; Harpers Sewing; The Vintage Sewing Bunny, and if you too would like to be a part of this community charity event, please get in touch. 


Again, the event will be coordinated by Linda @Bonney Fabric's and Wool in St Annes - please send any trees you make to her. .

Free patterns available - contact Linda @Bonney Fabrics in St Annes

Thank you to Hadfields Hardware and DIY; Justin Bailey, Bill Plant Driving School Blackpool; for their ongoing support.


Sponsorship opportunities - please contact Liz Dee

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Trees #forEdward


- Trees in the community

- Tree in Winter Gardens


- Tree at St Annes Parish Church


- sponsorship opportunities

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